Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 3, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Understanding the complexity of setting and characters in Wuthering Heights

1. Warm-up: Closely reading the setting of Wuthering Heights as a character:

Are you more of an indoor or an outdoor person?  Pick ONE good description to analyze.

  • Which specific examples of diction (word choice) seem significant?  Brainstorm their connotations.
  • Which images did the author select?  What kind of universe do they create?  (Remember that an image must be something you can detect with at least one of your five senses.)
  • Are there any examples of figurative language, such as metaphors, similes, and personification?  What do these comparisons tell us about this place?
  • Are there any potential symbols?  
  • What is the author using the setting to reveal?  

2. Socratic seminar: Discussing Chapters I-VII

3. Wrapping up the conversation (8 minutes)

1. Follow the WH reading schedule (through middle of Chapter IX by tomorrow, through Chapter X for Socratic on Thursday  + reading ticket).

2. Continue working on your college essay.

3. By Thursday, please send me the URL for your Big Question Blog.

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  1. Setting:
    Underworld metaphor- connections to the devil
    Tensions/Conflicts- admirable but grotesque, the house looks beautiful but their are many layers to the house
    Undergo hardships and challenges
    People are shutting themselves out from the outside world and dealing with their own problems
    Crossing the threshold- leaving behind a familiar world and entering a different, bizarre one
    The house is like a haven against the storm from the outside, but once you are in the house you want to get out

    What does the quote reveal about Heathcliff himself?
    Catherine and Heathcliff both seem very stubborn and rebellious and do not really ask for help and since they are so prideful they create their own problems
    Reminds Nick of the House of Usher
    Reminds Natalie of a Christmas Carol- how Scrooge is so proud and stuck up he isolated himself and created his own problems

    How Mr. Heathcliff seemed like a changeling-
    Fairies would come and switch children with changelings
    Brings fear to Nick

    Can Heathcliff really become apart of the family?
    Nick- not sure if he will fit in

    Perceptions about Heathcliff?
    Katie- feels bad for him, he was being dressed up to impress people but it didnt go his way. Drawn to him.

    Places in book where you can connect to Heathcliff
    Mackenzie- “In other words..” You can relate to him because everyone has experienced not feeling adequate in a group. He shows Nelly he would rather be apart of the group but they wont accept him
    When they went over to the Linton’s house- They took Catherine in but they refused to take him in, “Don’t let the devil child in” He is the one left.
    As a child he is left behind, changed how he grew up- became rude
    Transition he had- He had Mr. Earnshaw and Catherine on his side, then Mr. Earnshaw died and Catherine became a lady and he then and then had no one on his side
    Different circumstances breed different monsters

    Heathcliff is suppose to be the devil- any evidence of him having evil?
    From being a mistreated little boy- if he was that mistreated as a child, he will mistreat everybody else because that is how he grew up. You can hate him but yet you can’t.
    Relates to the Phantom Opera- nurture vs. nature
    Siblings find him more of a devil like character- outsiders wouldn’t. One sibling being favorited you tend to start to not like them

    What were some personality traits of Heathcliff that he already had?
    “it”- he’s not a person, he’s an object
    When named Heathcliff- shows the father replaced a son that died in childhood
    Talked about everyone else’s reactions- the family was judging him and calling him a thing
    He would just stand there and take the beating- he maybe already experienced some kind of abuse before Earnshaw picked him up- now he is reacting to how badly he was treated as of before he just accepted it

    Why is he so parentless/ mysterious in origin?
    Connects to the idea of him being a changeling- popped out of nowhere
    Given to Earnshaw to change structure of family
    If he was given to the family you would know where he came from and would not be so fearful
    Doesn’t give insight to past- mystery

    Family Dynamic-
    Wuthering Heights:
    Mr. Earnshaw- Mrs. Earnshaw: both died
    Hindley Earnshaw and Cathy Earnshaw, Heathcliff

    Threshcross Grains
    Edgar and Isabella
    Always crying/complaining

    Why were they included in story?
    to show how the Earnshaw’s aren’t the most upper class
    Show contrast between Heathcliff and everyone else
    Shows how Wuthering Heights is not as nice- contrasting

    Did they truly change Cathy?
    No because you can’t change a person but she learned how society wants her to act
    She immediately looked for Heathcliff when she got back