Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 5, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Considering character dynamics and complexity in Wuthering Heights

1. Warm-up: Playing around with tone and vocabulary as we finish taking off Emily Dickinson's clothes

2. Socratic seminar: Discussing Chapters VII-X of Wuthering Heights

3. Wrap-up: Sharing your take-aways and questions

1. Follow the WH reading schedule: Read Through Chapter XII tonight and through Chapter XIV by Monday + reading ticket.

2. Continue working on college essay; bring draft on Wednesday for peer editing.


  1. What would happen if Cathy were still alive? How would it change Heathcliff’s attitude, emotions etc? (currently)
    -He’d probably be more civilized and polite
    -Accommodating to people around him
    -Both people are extreme in personality and feed off of each other, toxic for each other, so maybe worse off

    If author was writing today, what parts of story would be different?
    -Catherine would marry who she loved because social class wouldn’t be an issue
    Why does she marry Edgar?
    -He’s there
    -Cathy says her and Heathcliff are too similar
    -trying to have a justification why they can’t be together, didn’t actually mean it
    -Heathcliff will always be there, eternal rocks, Edgar is foliage
    -She wants to be rich, social and economic influence
    -stay at WH if married Heathcliff
    -made sense to marry Edgar intellectually, not emotionally
    -Catherine= Daisy from Great Gatsby
    -not about true love, focused on money
    -loves Edgar, he puts up with her but doesn’t love him like she loves Heathcliff

    Why does Edgar love Catherine?
    -everybody wants something that they can’t have, part of the draw to her
    -likes her beauty
    -skeptical of Cathy
    -Linton’s not perfect= they cry a lot; WH people are strong

    Marry within the family?

    Heathcliff Mr. Earnshaw’s son from previous affair?
    -similar to changling, but why pick him?
    -obvious differences between Heathcliff and family
    -not enough info
    -Heathcliff poor bread whereas rest of the family is better
    -timeline doesn’t work for H to be Earnshaw’s son

    Heathcliff’s darkness emphasized, mystery as to why Heathcliff is brought home
    -hard to find a good reason as to why he is here
    -dark, different, gypsy
    -has a pull on people, magnetism, draws people in
    -Cathy and Isabella fighting over him, shows how he could be devil, tempting them, bringing out worst in characters

  2. -hard to find a good reason as to why he is here
    -dark, different, gypsy
    -has a pull on people, magnetism, draws people in
    -Cathy and Isabella fighting over him, shows how he could be devil, tempting them, bringing out worst in characters
    back to hating

    Purpose of Hareton?
    -introduce level of vulnerability in house, kids not used to others
    -baby is definition of vulnerability
    -intro of innocence
    -wonder how upbringing of Hareton will happen
    -Hindley drops baby and Heathcliff saves him

    Neck motif-
    -Hindley is violent with people’s neck
    -My Big Fat Greek Wedding- neck controls head, has a lot of power
    -power is vulnerability, arteries, death is easy
    -symbolizes life, how life could be at stake

    Dichotomy of physical and mental states of people-
    -wild beast is more humane than a man is
    -occurs a lot in book

    Separation of Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights-
    -Lockwood walking to TG not a big deal, but going back WH is a big deal
    -Heathcliff and Catherine walking to TG not a big deal, but when she gets attacked by dog she has to stay there for five weeks
    -distance is situational and uses it to her advantage

    Setting of two houses integral to story-
    -can’t see WH from TG
    -Cathy moves to TG and loses her past
    -people fit in different areas
    -WH cathy and Heathcliff hell
    -TG lintons heaven
    -fit where don’t belong

    Chapter 10 passage-
    3 years of peaceful marriage, sitting in the window, WH invisible-
    -setting as a character
    -”wild” repeats
    -WH has presence again after disappearing
    Wrap Up:
    Heathcliff to Hindley-
    Heathcliff is gambling constantly with Hindley and tricking him out of his money, punishing Hindley, Heathcliff making off with family fortune, sinful

    Is Hindley a misunderstood hero at the beginning who became corrupted?
    Why Cathy;s staying with Edgar is she loves Heathcliff so much?
    Cathy- If WH is considered hell, and TG is considered heaven why is she staying there?
    Was Nelly right about Isabella having feelings for Heathcliff?
    Is Hindley capable of murder?
    What is sig of character change and is it permanent?
    what will resolve tension of Heathcliff’s presence?
    More details of Heathcliff’s actions in 3 years he was gone?
    Cathy’s decision to marry Edgar will influence her life?
    How do characters grow and change overtime, Cathy specifically? Linton’s death barely mentioned
    Why Heathcliff decided to come back?
    More Heathcliff’s origins?
    Hareton’s purpose, should we look to him for truth?
    Cathy angel affects her and Heathcliff?
    Cathy’s character analysis, environment