Friday, September 20, 2013

September 23, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Synthesizing larger ideas about Wuthering Heights

Please take a laptop today.

1. Group warm-up: Read and react to Charlotte's original Preface to Wuthering Heights

2. Individually: Think through Wuthering Heights as you continue with your Big Question Blog post.

Two reminders:

a. Please include specific moments and quotations from the novel in your discussion.

b. Remember that your entry does not need to be a thesis-driven, five paragraph essay (unless that's what you prefer).  Feel free to wander a bit, ask questions, and engage your own, unique voice and style.

3. Final Socratic Seminar: Chapter XXX through the ending of Wuthering Heights. Bring your completed Venn diagrams.

4. If time allows, read and leave comments on each other's posts.  They are all linked to the right side of our class blog.

1. Finish your blog entry if you did not do so in class.
2. If you have a school copy of WH, please bring it to class tomorrow to turn in.
3. Start reading your independent reading book if you have not done so. 
4. Bring the handout on tone words that I gave out a couple of weeks ago; you will be able to use it on tomorrow's timed writing. 

NOTE: The essay on your independent reading book is due October 16, which means that you'll want to finish reading your book by about October 7, which means that you have about two weeks to read.

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  1. Is Nelly a good servant?

    Shes never totally loyal or totally disloyal.

    “Joseph of the Grange”

    Seems nice and sweet on the outside but darker on the inside

    Because shes narrator our view of her is misleading


    Betrays trust, but her intentions are always good

    Significance of details of Heathcliff’s death

    Happy because he is reunited with Catherine's ghost, explains the smile, connects to the first ghost story

    Symbolism of being buried next to Catherine

    Since Catherine loved both Edgar and Heathcliff it is fitting

    Did Cathy really love Edgar, or was it just lust?

    She like the reputation he had because it made her better

    Truly in love with Heathcliff but convinces herself she loves Edgar

    Makes more sense because of the times

    More negative effects from marrying Heathcliff

    Could still keep Heathcliff close, manipulating Linton

    Did Heathcliff’s openness towards Catherine hurt himself?

    Started seeking out conflict with gambling after he returned

    Being desperate for Catherine made him vulnerable

    The two characters fed off each other and each decision is made with the other in mind

    What is Brontes main theme?

    Be careful with infatuation with people

    More idealistic

    Bronte didn’t have love life

    Where did her inspiration come from?

    Raw creativity

    Battle between good and evil

    When Heathcliff was yelling at young Catherine

    When Heathcliff became most beastly

    Young Cathy reminds him he is human

    Good wins

    Death and dark makes way for life and renewal

    Everyone is happy at end of the book

    Neutral Ending

    There is compromise

    Heathcliff dies and everyone moves on

    Darkness wins

    Because Heathcliff and Catherine are together in the end

    Smirk when Heathcliff dies, he got what he wanted

    Heathcliff brings out the dark in everyone even though they wanted to follow the light inside them

    Wrapup ?’s

    Take Away from book

    people are not what they seem

    People don’t know what they want

    Good wins in the end

    Hope exists even in presence of evil

    Importance of perspective (Heathcliff’s effect on characters)

    Nurturing is what forms a person

    Good will always trump evil

    We create our own evil

    People aren’t totally evil or purely good

    There is a deeper level to everything

    Wanting heart doesn’t listen to reason

    Don't know what you have until it is gones

    Equal potential to be good or bad

    Selfish evil vs. Selfish Love

    More to evil and life than meets the eye

    People can start good but can easily become evil

    Follow your heart and not your head