Monday, September 16, 2013

September 17, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Building your approach to traditional poetry

1. Warm-up: Considering how traditional conventions of poetry can help you find your way into an older poem

  • What you think you know vs. what you actually know: Sharing your knowledge of poetic terms with Mrs. Boldman (a brief quizzing)
  • With the person next to you, talk through the poetry terms on your handout. Which ones are you familiar with?  Which ones are new? Which ones do you have questions about?
Click HERE for the link to today's poems.

2. Reading through the Wordsworth poem, "To a Butterfly," as a class

a. For the first read-through, mark up the poem in a metacognitive way as we did with the Emily Dickinson poems, pausing to brainstorm connotations of significant diction, explore images, analyze metaphorical language, etc.

b. Perform the second read-through silently, using your new terms to deepen your understanding.  Which terms are most helpful for this particular poem?  What do they help you understand?

c. Discuss "To a Butterfly" in groups of four: Share what you marked up, which terms--especially the new ones--unlocked pieces of the poem for you, and what larger conclusions you drew from the poem.

3. Reading and analyzing the Arnold poem in small groups (follow same steps as above)

4. If time allows, discussing the Arnold poem as a large class

1. Follow the Wuthering Heights reading schedule: Through Chapter XXIX + reading ticket for tomorrow's penultimate discussion.

2. Finish your independent reading proposal for Thursday.

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