Monday, September 23, 2013

September 24, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Writing about Wuthering Heights

1. Warm-up: Taking a quick look at a long essay (feel free to read the rest later, if you're interested) on what the feminists have to say about Wuthering Heights:
  • Read and mark up the first paragraph and the last paragraph.
  • Skim until you find a middle paragraph somewhere that interests you; underline the central idea of that paragraph.
  • Share your thoughts and findings with the class.

2. Tuesday Writing #3: Wuthering Heights (40 minutes)

Tip of the day: Try playing around with one or two of the terms on your tone sheet (given out a couple of weeks ago) as you respond to the prompt. Feel free to have this sheet out during the timed writing.

Please note that you cannot use your books for this timed writing since you won't be able to use your books on the actual AP test; you need to get used to paraphrasing your examples specifically yet concisely.

1. Independent reading (aim to finish by October 7).
2. If you have your own copy of Henry IV, start bringing it to class tomorrow and Friday.

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