Friday, February 7, 2014

We're AP Lit Nerds and Loving It: February 10, 2014

Focus: How does the structure of Beloved contribute to its meaning?

Please turn in your poetry responses and sign up for a conference.

1. Warming up: "Dramatic" reading of the first few pages of Part 3 together

2. Sculpting living pictures/tableaus (6 groups):

•Plotwise, what happened in your part?
•What are this part’s most important pages, images, symbols, shifts, structures, etc.?
•Break your part into three elements. For example, you could look at three different stages of a character or symbol.  Or you could look at three different images that work together somehow.
•For each element, create a tableau—a frozen picture (think symbolically here) and a piece of text to be read aloud by someone in your group.

3. Considering the role of magical realism in Beloved (if time allows)

1. Bring your critical review essay draft to class on Wednesday. You can print it out, but you don't have to; a Google doc in progress will suffice.

2. Finish Beloved by Friday for our final discussion!  For your final reading ticket, please perform a metacognitive writing on the the final two pages of the book (which, by the way, are perhaps my two favorite pages of writing from any book).

3. No poetry response this week.

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