Friday, February 28, 2014

We're AP Lit Nerds and Loving It: February 28, 2014

Focus: How can Vonnegut help us understand our book club books (even the ones not written by Vonnegut)?

1. Warming up with a little Vonnegut:

2. Enjoying intellectual discussions: Book Clubs, Day 3

3. Assessing your own Socratic value this week:

8/9: I was completely prepared and brought my book club to new heights. I could not have done much better, and I helped my book club understand parts of my book that they may not have otherwise considered.

6/7: I was prepared each day and contributed thoughtfully to our discussions.

5: I wasn't quite as prepared as I should have been, but I did contribute once or twice.

3/4: I was a distraction to my book club.  They would have been better off without me.

1/2: I insulted members of my book club, alienated myself, and was a general disgrace to the English language. My book club made me sit in the corner.

NP: I was a non participant, either because of absence or extenuating circumstances.

1. Assigned book club reading for Monday.

2. Complete your next poetry response for Monday.

3. Start thinking about topics for your poetry paper or project.

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