Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We're AP Lit Nerds and Loving It: February 5, 2014

Focus: What are the women of 124 claiming ownership of?

1. Enjoying a quick creative freewriting: I am (your name) and ______________ is mine.

2. Listening to Toni Morrison read us chapters two through five

  • Dedicate a page to each of the following characters: Sethe, Denver, and Beloved.
  • As you listen, either jot down or sketch the specific things that "belong" to each character. 
  • Try to organize your phrases or drawings in a way brings meaning to the page.  For example, you could divide your paper into two parts: One for the things that they proudly own, and one for the things they own but wish they could rid themselves of. Or perhaps you could organize by color, or by body parts, or anything else that makes sense to you.
3. Debriefing what we heard and saw

1. Critical review critical review critical review. Essay is due in a week and a half. Yikes!

2. Also, compose five Socratic stems on these chapters (2 through 5) for Friday's discussion.

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