Thursday, February 6, 2014

We're AP Lit Nerds and Loving It: February 6, 2014

Focus: What are some concrete ways in which we can improve our AP writing and reading skills?

1. Celebrating the wonder that is Emily...

From Mrs. Grantham: Emily is quietly determined, accepting of others, and willing to step up and do whatever needs to get done.

From Mr. Ahern: Emily is one of my favorite students.  She likes to give off this persona of going with the flow, but in her performances I can see the creativity and humor that she always puts into her work.  She is hard-working and dependable.  I already miss having her in class.

From Mrs. Durow: Emily has such a laid back, yet positive vibe. She is very bright and I have always enjoyed having her as a student. I also love the the Birkenstocks!

From Mrs. Little Emily has impressed 
me as being very thoughtful,intelligent and conscientious. She is also very
willing to participate in class room questions as they arise.

From her mama: Emily is an amazing person. She is kind and caring and always tries to think the best of people. She has a sense of humor even in the worst of times. She may be quiet at times, but get her with her friends and she is quite chatty. She is a very deep thinker.

2. Warming up: Thinking about how to move up to the next level in your timed writings (click HERE for the presentation)

a. Complicating your language for discussing tone
b. Paraphrasing vs. analyzing
c. Using literary language

3. Returning your timed writings on Dickinson and Frost

4. Getting nice and concrete with Beloved: Nailing down a specific timeline

1. Finish reading through Chapter 5 for tomorrow in Beloved (you have the second half of Chapter 4 and all of Chapter 5); create five good questions using your Socratic stems for tomorrow.

2. The critical review essay is now due Feb 18. However, I will grade them and give them back based on the order in which you submit them, so if you finish early, turn it in early.

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