Thursday, February 13, 2014

We're AP Lit Nerds and Loving It: February 13, 2014

Focus: How can we improve our poetry timed writings?

1. Warming up: Taking a moment to understand your overall grade for the first six weeks

2. Perusing my feedback on your outlines and making a few revisions here and there

3. Composing one good body paragraph, chock full of close readings and sprinkled lightly with literary language (now might be the time to crack open those giant packets that you love so much)

Click here for Ms. Leclaire's sample thesis and body paragraphs.

4. Celebrating Ian!

From Mr. Smith: Ian is my favorite Stockdill in his entire AP Physics class!  

From Coach Lutz: Ian is incredibly dedicated to his team and his sport of cross country. When he could run he was one of our best; a product of his spirit and hard work. When he was injured he enthusiastically supported his team. He is the kind of guy you want to run with as a teammate and as a friend.

Hope that works! There are so many great qualities to this young man.

From Mrs. Greenless: Ian is a quiet leader, he is one who shows strength and greatness through example.  His presence is calming and his demeanor is kind and his whit is quick!

From Ian's blog: As the final chapter spirals into chaos, all of the small tidbits of the narrators life that he has accumulated through fate, are burned in a symbolic destroying of his past and reflection on some of his ignorance. The sambo doll, his notes and college letter, were all destroyed in the same instant even though it had taken him years to fill his briefcase through random coincidences. Things the narrator did not think much of at the time, other than being out of place or extraordinary, have now come to mark important events and times in his life. Ellison makes an important point about how fate is something that cannot be sensed or seen in the present or the future, but is apparent in retrospect, as life falls into place and makes sense when it never made sense along the way.

From his mom and dad"Ian always does things with passion and commitment, whether that is long distance running, rock climbing or hiking with his sippy cup."

1. Finish Beloved for our final Socratic seminar tomorrow; for your reading ticket, compose a metacognitive writing on the very last chapter (the final two pages of the book).

2. Critical review final drafts due Tuesday, February 18.

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