Thursday, February 27, 2014

We're AP Lit Nerds and Loving It: February 27, 2014

Focus: How can metacognitive thinking help us unravel a challenging poem?

1. Warming up by celebrating the life and times of Aya

From Mrs. Little: Aya is very conscientious in AP Psych and though she more quiet than other students, she still has participated and contributed in a meaningful way to the class. I have asked her on a number of occasions to compare the  traditions and emphasis of Eastern cultures with that of  Western cultures.  She has provided the class with insights that would not be obtained from the textbook.

From Mrs. Leyden: Aya is competitive in Volleyball and Badminton. She always is smiling. She is a positive person.

From Mr. Krause: I've always appreciated Aya's thoughtful responses and wonderful smile. 

From Mrs. Hawthorne: CREATIVE, inventive, courageous, grounded, quiet - yet says what needs to be said when it matters, she knows who she is and she isn't afraid to be herself in any given situation, she is FABULOUS.  I know that she is one that will take her talents and do something great in life. 

From Aya's mom: Your smile always makes me smile.  You are my best friend now and forever.

2. Reminding you what a good a metacognitive writing looks like (working from moments and questions to movements and patterns to multiple meanings):

Click HERE to see Whitney's.
Click HERE to see Mike's.

3. Composing your metacognitive

Please make sure you title it, "_____________ 's Second Metacognitive" and share with

1. Finish your metacognitive if you did not do so during class.
2. Assigned book club reading.

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