Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A.P. Lit Is Uncertain? April 30, 2014

PLC: Shortened Class Today

Focus: How does R&G's waiting different from V&E's waiting?

Please turn in your Bedside Stack forms if you have not yet done so.

1. Celebrating Kendall!

From Ms. McGeorge: Hi. I love having Kendall in AP Biology. She always works extremely hard and is always smiley. When I found out that a member our girls lacrosse team was going to my college (Kenyon College), Kendall dragged her friend down to meet me so we could have "Kenyon" time. That was an extremely nice thing for her to do!

From Mrs. Bradley: Kendall is kind and works hard in class. 

From Mrs. Comp: Kendall is all heart--with a quiet humility she is a person of character, goodness and she has only scratched the surface of what she can and will achieve-how lucky people are for her!  

From Mr. Siekmeier: Kendall seems to fly under the radar, but she's got great perception.  She really knows what's going on, always a steady presence in a classroom who does consistently good work.

From Mrs. Smith: Kendall is one of those students who becomes part of a teacher's life, changing it for the better. She entered as part of my school family, but her family became my family taking care of us in some really challenging times. She always shows me to appreciate life with a smile, kindness, and gratitude.  Oh, how I will miss that girl.

From her family: First and foremost, Kendall is confident and balanced in her perspective about life and her future. She is not afraid to blaze her own trail rather than following others. She is a kind and loyal girl who truly values those that are close to her. She is highly competitive and willing to put in hard work to accomplish her goals. Most importantly, she is a tremendous blessing to our family!! We love her dearly and will miss her love andcontagious laughter in our home next year!!
Sweet Pea, we love you to the moon and back!!
Dad, Mom, Riley and Scott

2. Warming up: Reading the dialogue between Guildenstern and the Player on pages 66-67

  • What connections do you see between this conversation and the conversations in Godot?
  • How do the ideas in this dialogue differ from those in Godot?
  • How are we all like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

3. Viewing the rest of Act II in R&G Are Dead

Culminating essay due this Friday.
Start working on your bedside stack (follow the directions on the handout).

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