Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writing for Godot: April 15, 2014

Focus: What larger conclusions can we draw about Waiting for Godot?

1. Warming up with a Beckett-like thought:

Human life is based on chance; to provide ourselves with a sense of meaning, we seek outside forces and patterns that may or may not exist.

Revisiting the ending of Waiting for Godot: To what extent does Vladimir (Didi) realize the meaninglessness and repetition of his life at the end of play? Does it change his action (or lack thereof)?

2. Working through prompts that included Waiting for Godot in their book lists (10 minutes per prompt: Thesis and outlines only)

3. Wrapping up with Waiting for...Elmo

Continue working on your culminating essay; make sure you show up for your conference (if you signed up for one). 

Bring an updated version of your prompt and book list to class tomorrow as well as any books you own that are on your book list.  If you have a laptop, tomorrow is a good day to bring it to class, too.

If you'd like to revise your poetry essay (or your critical review), now is a good time to do so.

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