Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A.P. Lit Nerds: April 2, 2014

Focus: What is the culminating essay, and how do we begin?

1. Warming up: Sharing a special announcement from the guidance office...

The Arapahoe Guidance Department will be hosting a speaker who will address recovering from trauma at Arapahoe tomorrow (Thursday April 3rd), 4th hour during both lunches in the theater. Crystal Miller was a junior at Columbine during the shooting fifteen years ago and will be coming to share her experience with Arapahoe students.  Crystal offers a great opportunity to hear from someone who has worked through being in a school shooting and come out as person of great strength.  Her message of hope and strength covers her personal journey through her recovery process, all the way thru to where she is today as a person.  We will be offering her presentation two times; once during first lunch and once during second lunch with the opportunity to ask questions after each presentation.
If you are interested in attending during your lunch hour, please bring your lunch to the theater.  We hope to see you there!
Mr. Bast, Mrs. Gillespie, Dr. Song and Ms. Conkey

2. Celebrating the wonder of Nia!

From Mrs. Yang: Nia = Smart + hard worker + responsible

From Mrs. Bradley: Nia was attentive in class. I could tell she really liked our health class units. :) She worked hard and was fun to have in class. 

From Mrs. Firchau: Nia is one of the most amazing people that I know!  She is very bright, but more importantly kind, thoughtful and wise beyond her years.  I have had the opportunity of seeing Nia grow into a beautiful young adult over the years.  She has so much love and compassion to give to others.  Nia is always smiling and is able to look at the bright side of any situation.  

From Mrs. Crookham: Nia is a pleasure to have in class.  She works hard and doesn't give up when the problems get difficult.  I can see Nia grimace when I say, "These are really fun!",  or "These are just little puzzles!", but she quietly gets to work and gets it done anyway.  I wish had many more students like Nia.

From Mrs. Buchwald: Nia was so quiet in class, but her writing was so loud. What a gift with a pen she has!

From Mrs. Cladny: Although very reserved, Nia was always attentive, hard-working, and respectful in my Honors American Literature class. 

From Nia's metacognitive on "Hope is the thing with feathers":  I find it interesting that “Hope” although tiny and powerful still needed to ask for something from the speaker. Maybe Dickinson was trying to say that even though we depend on hope often, sometimes hope needs something to depend on as well and that it can only be given it by the person it’s trying to help sustain.

From her mom: Nia has a way of bouncing right back from rough situations.  When we adopted her from China at 9 months old, after all of the babies had been handed off to their new families, we boarded a bus to return to our hotel.  All of the babies started crying, including Nia.  After a moment of crying, Nia looked around and stopped crying.  Later that night, after her 1:00 am feeding, she treated us to a little song while she lay in her crib.

3. Perusing four sample essays from students of years past and discussing the components of the culminating essay

4. Forming rough drafts of your culminating essay prompts

1. Please print a copy of your prompt by this Friday and submit it to me for feedback.
2. If you have your own copy of Waiting for Godot, bring it to class this Friday.

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