Monday, April 7, 2014

A.P. Lit Feels Anaphoric Today: April 7, 2014

Focus: What are they waiting for?

1. Waiting for your 12 week grades to be updated

2. Waiting for your prompts and book lists to be returned

3. Waiting for a brief film clip to echo Nick and Paul's performance and Friday and talking through the absurdist elements you're noticing so far in Godot

4. Waiting for a new twosome to play Didi (Vladimir) and Gogo (Estragon) and yet another to play Pozzo and Lucky

5. Waiting for one part of the play you can grasp and make yours

Continue working on your culminating essay prompt and book list.  The new due date for this essay will be Friday, May 2nd.  However, if you turn yours in early, I will grade it first.

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