Thursday, April 10, 2014

A.P. Lit Is Testing: April 10, 2014

Focus: How can we improve our multiple choice performances?

1. Warming up: Sharing with you how little Sam is doing

2. Trying out an "I am..." poem to help get you in the right mindset for your culminating essay

3. Discussing "Dialogue Between Soul and Body" in small groups:


  • How would you characterize the imagery of the first stanza?
  • How would you characterize the imagery of the second stanza?
  • What does the imagery in each stanza suggest about the speaker's relationship with the subject?
  • In other words, in the first stanza, what does the imagery suggest about the soul's attitude towards the body? In the second stanza, what does the imagery suggest about the body's attitude toward the soul?

Metaphors Made Tricky by Inversion

  • Paraphrase carefully lines 27 through 30 (be sure to identify the subject...what is "constrained"?).
  • Unravel the metaphor...what does the port symbolize?  What is the Cure? How can one be "Shipwrackt into Health"?
  • Paraphrase lines 41-44.
  • Unravel the metaphor...who are the Architects?  What are they squaring and hewing (and what is squaring and hewing)?  What are the Green Trees and the Forest?

Tone and Purpose

  • How would you characterize the overall tone of this poem?  Feel free to refer to your fancy tone sheet.
  • In a sentence, what is this poem about? What's its purpose?

4. Working through the multiple choice questions as a class

5. If time allows, "speed dating" your way through a prose passage; if not, I will at least share some answers with you.

1. Continue working on your culminating essay; by next Friday, I will ask you to submit an outline in which you identify the sub-questions you will you use to organize your essay.  We will go over this on Monday.

2. If you finish reading Waiting for Godot on Friday, please complete your big question post by Monday or Tuesday.

3. Prepare for a Socratic seminar on Monday on Godot (it will be our one and only) by developing a reading ticket that has two parts:

(a) Dedicate the first half to composing good discussion questions about the play.
(b) Dedicate the second half to a single page in the play that you'd like to discuss; this can be a free flowing metacognitive or a more structured response.

Even if you don't quite finish the play on Friday, we will still have Socratic on Monday; we will just finish the play first in class.

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