Thursday, January 23, 2014

We're AP Lit Nerds and Loving It: January 23, 2014

Focus: What can we expect of the multiple choice section on the AP Literature exam?

1. Warming up: Decoding the test

  • Classifying the passages (examples: Prose, 19th century-ish?, or Poetry, Modern)
  • Ranking the passages for level of difficulty
  • Identifying types of questions

2. Speed dating: Find the right match for you...wait, no.  Find the right match for each M.C. question

3. Talking through the tricky sections as a class

1. Please read the next four chapters in Beloved by this Friday. For your reading ticket, please find one word that you've taken notice of in the novel so far (perhaps because it's repeated, or because Morrison's using it in a new way), and type a paragraph or two exploring its meaning.  Please include at least one textual passage in your response.

2. Next poetry response due next Monday.

3. If you haven't done so yet, please acquire and start reading your critical review book.

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