Friday, January 3, 2014

We're A.P. Lit Nerds and Loving It: January 7, 2014

Focus: So what happens now?

1. Welcoming you back and explaining what's happening this week in A.P. Literature

a. Sharing my letter to Mrs. Pramenko with you (feel free to write me back)
b. Information about the optional (though strongly encouraged) A.P. Literature exam
c. Your first semester grades
d. So...what happens at the end of Invisible Man, anyway?
e. What will our second semester books be?

2. Collecting your contact information

Please click HERE to fill out the short Google form.

3. Returning your poetry essays and projects

4. Speaking of poetry...taking a creative, open approach to some really good poetry this semester

1. By Friday, please (re)read the ending of Invisible Man and reread the Prologue.

2. Also by Friday, please finish your Big Question blog post on Invisible Man. You will have time in class on Wednesday and/or Thursday to work on this.

3. Sam and I will be at Tattered Cover (the Highlands Ranch one) this Saturday at 11 am. Stop by to pick out your Critical Review book, to enjoy a cup of chai, or just to say hello.  And then if you're feeling stressed, you can go paint pots at Arts on Fire.

4. By Monday at the latest, please submit your signed Critical Review proposal to me (we'll go over this tomorrow, but click HERE if you'd like to know what this is right now!).

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