Friday, May 9, 2014

We're Done with the Test and Loving It: May 9, 2014

Focus: What do we do now?

1. Warming up with a very important reminder

2.  Celebrating Janie!

From Mr. Corson: When I think of Jane I think of a big smile.  When she comes into class I see her with lots of things on her mind, but always a smile on her face.

From Mrs. Crookham: Janie is a very conscientious student always giving her best effort. :)

From Mrs. Ferrill: Janie was full of surprises in AP Language.  She was usually very quiet, but when given the opportunity to perform, she could be a real HAM!

From Mr. Krause: Janie was a star in Spelling/Vocab. Moreover, she continually made cross country fun with her goofiness and sense of humor.

From Mrs. Bradley: Oh Janie,  Janie makes me laugh everyday. I have enjoyed running miles and miles with her and having her in class. 

From Mrs. Smith: Ahhh, Janie!  I have never quite experienced the sheer determination and work ethic I witnessed in Janie during her freshman year. Such perseverance after what she saw as set-backs in her writing. Instead, I saw her as a relentless learner bent on success.  

From her mom: Always Janie has been fun-loving, playful and an adventurous spirit.  When we are with her we know we will be smiling, laughing and listening to her talk!  :)

3. Celebrating Paul!

From Mr. Wallace: I had Paul last year in AP bio.  One of the first conversations we had outside of class was his "opening a can of worms" about my teaching style.  Needless to say, by the next year, I was writing a letter of recommendation for him.

From Mrs. Lee: One of the most challenging things to be as a high school student is original, and one of my favorite qualities about Paul is his unabashed confidence in who he is & his willingness to assert his ideas.  He is creative and unique. He's also very helpful & giving of his time.

From Mrs. Ferrill: Paul Grewe is my Hero!  Last year, when I passed out while working at my desk in C10, Paul, who was working on his laptop in the back of the room, jumped into action.  He called all of the right phone numbers, ran next door to ask Mrs. Moritz for help, and tried to comfort me despite my sorry condition (I had thrown up Grace Marlowe's chocolate cake with red icing and looked like I was covered in blood!).  He kept saying, "Dear Mrs. Ferrill, you'll be okay...I'll help teach 3rd period!"  And later that day he called me at home to make sure I was okay. My hero...  Beowulf, move over!

From Mrs. Levi: Paul is probably one of the most fearless and confident students I know.  In the classroom, Paul speaks his mind and can articulate his opinions exceptionally well.  I was also impressed by Paul's use of these traits when he student assisted in our office as a junior.  Whenever the telephone rang, Paul, as fearless as ever, would answer, "Social Studies office, student assistant speaking," and proceed to handle the incoming call, whether it was the front office, a parent, etc.  No other student assistant (past or present) has been up for the challenge of answering "The Phone."  Go Paul!

From Mrs. Cornils: Oh, Paul. Where do I begin? With confidence and creative flair, Paul is always his own person. I appreciate his extroversion and intellectualism. He is a divergent thinker who is contemplative but with a light-hearted spin. When student assisting for me, a classic Paul line, "Nothing says I'm going to college than stacking books for an OCD teacher. And Mrs. Cornils, I meanOCD in the best of ways."

From his dad: What is usually the best is last and that can be the description for Mr. Paul Grewe. He was cute playing his new saxophone in the 6th grade with Mr. Richard Talley while describing a hexagon...tooting one tune and singing it too while describing the sides of it for the assignment in one of his classes.

From Nick:  I think Paul's a person. In eighth grade, I shared the popular opinion of thinking he's one of the most annoying people I'd ever met. He thought I was one of the weirdest people he'd ever met. We still think this of each other, but now we're bros. One of the best I could ask for. 

3. Chatting about how it went :)

4. Developing a fun plan for next week

Before I let you go on Friday, please turn in/take care of the following:
1. Your letter to next year's AP Lit students (they will read these the day before the exam).
2. All of your school books.
3. Your legacy in a Word Document.
4. Your evaluation, which you can access by clicking HERE

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  1. Monday: Lip sync / talent show day (Slaughterhouse food)
    Tuesday: Pancake cook-off and youtube day (Portrait will help bring in supplies)
    Wednesday: Kindergarten / crafts day (Atonement food)
    Thursday: Picnic / outdoor games day (everyone brings in food)
    Friday: Dramatic readings and storytelling day (Punishment food)