Tuesday, May 13, 2014

AP Lit IS the New Youtube Sensation: May 13, 2014

Focus: Seriously, how talented are we?

1. Celebrating Whitney!

From Mrs. Lhotta: Whitney was always smiling and enthusiastic about math. She made the class fun!!

From Mrs. Bradley: Whitney is a stud athlete with a kind heart. I loved having her in class!

From Mrs. Bretz: The thing I focus on with Whitney (not funny) is her drive.  Whitney knew she was struggling in her math class but would not give up.  She kept coming in on off hours, after school, etc., to get the help and was determined to get the grade up from where it was.  Not only did she accomplish that but she also scored high on our final exam and reached a success in the class that she did not know she was capable of.  Kudos to Whitney Krantz for sticking it out, persevering, and learning.  Thanks for all your efforts, Whitney.

From Mrs. Moritz: What an amazing young woman. I want my daughter, Mackenzie, to be just like her.

From Mr. Meyer: I was so glad to help Whitney better understand her Mom.  All of my high school stories allowed her to uncover that hidden history from Heritage '85. Being the 3rd Krantz to walk these halls, standards had been set high for her. I loved watching her set her own standards ... always doing so with a smile!

From Mr. Hampshire: What a fantastic young lady!!! Whitney is a great example of how one should balance and juggle a very full and busy life. Though she was often gone because of her volleyball commitments, she always took care of her work; with a smile!!!

From Mr. Corson: Whitney is a joy to have in class.  She was alive and excited...energetic and active and very reactive against any poke I might throw her way about Lehigh.  It was so much fun. 

In class we learned how Operant Conditioning was kind of like life in that you need to try something to get feedback.  Without the nerve to attempt something, you will never know if you really like something.  Whitney epitomized the art of really "going for" something.  She will go out into this world and try her hand at anything and everything, and in doing so she will discover much.

From Mrs. Syers: I had the pleasure of working with Whitney for all four years of her high school volleyball career.  She came in a gangly, boy-crazy, silly freshman (one of only four players I EVER put on varsity as a freshman) and became one of the most all around, dominant players to ever play for Arapahoe.  She is one of only three players in our school's history to be recognized with All-State Honors.  We will see her picture up in the trophy hallway very soon.  I am so proud of Whitney and all that she has worked to achieve.  Whitney is fun, still silly, and still boy crazy (ask her about her timed mile during tryouts!)  And when you combine that zest for life with her competitive drive and talent, you've got one amazing volleyball player and individual.

From Mr. Kuhlmann: My fellow travelers,

Whitney is one of the most kind, the most enthusiastic, and the most genuinely coachable student I have had the pleasure of teaching. She works hard, laughs hard & it's freakin' contagious. 

Whitney, as I write this for you nearly a week away from your high school graduation, I want you to know that I'm proud of you for following your passions and continuing to live the questions whose answers still elude you. Let us know what you find as you leave these halls and continue on your quest. Huzzah! 

From her mom and dad: This is one of my favorite memories of Whitney! She is about 2 in this photo and she was and is such a joy to be around! She loved polar bears at this age! Her older brother, Jake, coined her "Whitter Plum" as a baby, and she has been just that to us ever since! Now she is our 6 foot tall, amazing young woman! But she will always be Whitter Plum to us!

2. Lip syncing, Part 2 and enjoying your favorite youtube videos

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