Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A.P. Kindergarten: May 14, 2014

Focus: How do we get back into our kindergarten minds?

1. Celebrating Nick!

From Mrs. Levi: I didn't meet Nick until his senior year, and I think he is one of the most impressive students I have worked with.  Nick has a great sense of humor, and he brings intellectual depth to any class or conversation.  For his final project in my class, Nick took a very complicated topic (various sects in Shintoism) and explained it to the class perfectly.  He did it with clarity and conciseness--better than any student has before!  This is just one example of why Nick will be successful and why he is such an all-star!

From Mr. Smith: I can say without hesitation that Nick Sabo has the best nerdy-math-and-science sense of humor that I have ever encountered.  Ever.  No question.

From Mrs. Cornils: Here is my bit for Nick. I had him in class for Honors US History and Sociology. Plus, we've had many a chat over the years. He should get the meaning of each line in historical context, personality/group theories, pop culture, and as a future Rice Owl. Sabo the Great, a Renaissance man in the making, is one of the best! (Please don't judge my lack of literary talent as you two possess- I tried within a 30 minutes. :)) Stacey

Past, present, and future owl

Tucked in trees deeply rooted

Logical perfection gazes expressively

Caged not by intuition or convention of path

Protective of his parliament - proud and strong

Extraordinary senses see vision in darkness

Preying only on the confines of ignorance

My young wizard
From Paul: I would be rather lost without you. When I first knew you in middle school, I really didn't like you. You were awkward and strange and really didn't fit in. But I guess as time went on, I realized that we were basically the same...Once we graduate, we only have a few months to say goodbye, so I'm starting early. I'll miss you my friend. I don’t think words can express how much I really will miss you. You go and kick some Texas butt next year!

From Mrs. FerrillNick loves playing the fool, but believe me, he's nobody's fool!  A voracious reader, an eloquent writer, and a brilliant philosopher, Nick was our star performer in AP Lang last year.  He can "out-Herod Herod," craft a "method to his madness," and mesmerize his audience with "flashing eyes and floating [red] hair!"  So "weave a circle round him thrice/ And close your eyes with holy dread/ For he on honey-dew hath fed,/ And drunk the milk of Paradise." So, "Beware! Beware," Melibee!  A new guy's in town and his name is Sabo!                                                      
P. S.  Can you identify all of the literary allusions, Nick?

From his mom:  This is Nick eating his favorite food in his one-year-old world, "don dons."  As Nick grew up to be six or seven, he found that his red hair and polite charm won him many fans in bakeries and doughnut shops in his home town of Irvine, CA. So much so, in fact, that the clerks in several of those establishments would not allow Nick to pay for any pastries that he attempted to purchase. One time one of the employees of Star Donuts ran outside the shop to stop us and give Nick a frosted and sprinkled confection.  He was also admired at French's bakery where he scored many a gourmet cupcake from the high school girls. He got to the point where he would ask me to go in  without him in buy his treat, because he felt "kinda  guilty."

Nick was also quite a theologian in his elementary school days. In second grade, he nearly got in a fist fight in because his classmate claimed that his (Henry's) mother "knew everything." Nick informed Henry that "omniscience" was only possible for God and the fireworks started from there. Luckily I was nearby to stop bloodshed. I later told his second grade teacher, Mrs. Yates, that I was the only mother of a seven-year-old in the world who already knew that his mother knew nothing :). 

Along similar lines, in third or fourth grade, Nick informed me that the Golden Rule was "counterintuitive." Sigh.

2. Reverting back to our childhood selves with kindergarten crafts and games!

Before I let you go on Friday, please turn in/take care of the following:
1. Your letter to next year's AP Lit students (they will read these the day before the exam).
2. All of your school books.
3. Your legacy in a Word Document.
4. Your evaluation, which you can access by clicking HERE

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