Friday, May 2, 2014

A.P. Lit Is Turning in Their Essays: May 2, 2014

Focus: What can we learn about ourselves from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

1. Warming up with a little celebration of your culminating essays!

And another celebration: Katie!

From Ms. Crosby: Katie is a wonderfully exuberant learner who actively participates every day, and truly contributes to other students' understanding.

From Mrs. Bradley: Katie is smart, kind and fun. I have enjoyed having her in class.

From Mr. Corson: When I think of Katie, I think of food.  That's really not too usual because I'm a guy and I think about food quite a lot anyway, but it is especially connected to Katie because she would bring in food all the time for our class.  In International Relations, she decided to choose a country that we were learning about, look up recipes, and make and bring in food for all of us to share.  It was great!

When I think of Katie, I also thing about her special ability to get along with everyone.  She doesn't just care about the students from her immediate circle of friends, but she can also bring in others.  This is a rare gift in a high school student, but Katie possesses the empathy and the personality to be able to pull this off.

From Mr. Hampshire: Wow, were could I possibly begin!!!! Katie-girl is one of the most genuine students I have taught in my 22 years. Katie is so positive; I absolutely adore her smile. Katie took my Honors Western Civilizations course knowing it would be a challenge for her. She worked so hard, stayed so positive; never complaining (so unlike an Honors student:) ). There is a natural calming and sincere aura about Katie. 
I will truly miss her. Her smile always made me feel like all was good in the world.
Thank you Katie-girl.

From Mr. Kuhlmann: Katie! (I feel I need to use exclamation points to match your enthusiasm).
Katie! You are so bright, inquisitive, & an intelligent "gem." I'm truly grateful that you've been in my classes and in the hallways to help me laugh through some stressful moments. Your enthusiasm for learning is obvious and I truly admire the way that you live the questions that you seek answers from--that' so admirable! 
As you prepare for the AP Lit. exam with Mrs. Leclaire, don't forget to continue to love literature and to dig deeply within the text, as you do within your self. I have utter confidence in you--you've got good writerly instincts, so write & read for yourself and have fun! You always do! Boy, this exclamation point thing is contagious!

From her parents: Katie is a bright light to our family and to the world. Wherever she goes, the party follows. Her beaming smile and warm laughter melts our hearts. Her nickname as a child was Pooky Poo and as she grew older it changed to Happy Kate! The words laughter and Katie are synonymous.

2. Sharing ideas about Stoppard's usage of the boat and the stage

3. Finishing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

4. Discussing Stoppard's play in small groups, using past A.P. prompts as a guide

The test is in less than a week.  The part of the test that you can really prepare for at this point is Question 3, so work hard on your bedside stacks.  Repetition is key. Repetition is key.

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