Thursday, May 15, 2014

A.P. Outdoors: May 15, 2014

Focus: Who's Good at Badminton? 

1. Celebrating Natalie!

From Mrs. Lovitt: I love Natalie's strong love of family.  She even lets me get away with calling her Nicole some days.

From Mrs. Crosby: Natalie is a dedicated and extremely thorough learner who always contributes insightful comments.

From Mr. Meyer: I wish Natalie's the best in pursuing her life goal of providing Nathan McKinnon an option to his bachelorhood.  Her baking skills, which match her intellect, will help him to deal with those tough losses.

From Mrs. Crookham: Natalie worked so hard in Trig/Pre-Calc.  She is such a gifted math student, but stresses about everything.  She and Holly Schaefer would be the last two to leave class every day.  I often wondered if they just wanted to stay for another math class!  Natalie had one of the highest averages ever in Trig.

From Mrs. Ferrill: Natalie and I are soul sisters when it comes to 19th Century English novels!  What a joy to teach Natalie Pride and Prejudice, and what fun we've had gossiping about Jane EyreWuthering Heights, and Rebecca.  Natalie is destined to marry a Byronic hero and name her firstborn son Darcy, Rochester, Heathcliff, or Max.  Oh, and Natalie, don't forget your summer reading list:  Frenchman's CreekThe Thorn Birds, and Tara Road!

From Mackenzie: I've known Natalie since sophomore year and she's become one of my most favorite humans! Over the last two years I have learned what a truly remarkable person she is. I am constantly impressed with her and her ability to make me laugh! I'll never forget our adventures and all of the economic classes we spent playing tic-tac-toe and talking Wuthering Heights and poetry! I shall miss you next year, my friend! Love you!

From Mrs. Cladny: She walks in beauty...

     Lord, Oh Lord will I miss the most passionate, intelligent, inquisitive, and enthusiastic student of literature that I have ever had the pleasure to teach.  Natalie's beauty and radiance are unique and unquestionably, divine.

The smiles that win, the tints that glow...

From Natalie's mom: 

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