Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A.P. Lit Is Reviewing: May 6, 2014

Focus: What can we still prepare for (in terms of the AP Lit exam)?

Celebrating Kai-Bin!

From Mrs. Levi: When I had Kai in class as a junior, she always brought a great sense of humor to the group.  There was never a dull moment in class, and you could always count on Kai to add her trademark wittiness to whatever was going on.  This year, whenever I see her in the hall, Kai continues to bring a smile to my face with her wit and good-nature!

From Mrs. Comp: I have learned that Kai likes turnin' it down for what and wearin' sharkies.  Whatever she may be up to, she is real, she is a kick butt soccer player, a smart mind, and I revere her tremendously.  

From Mr. Bast: If we win the league in soccer, we let the girls dress up the day after and so this past Wednesday we celebrated our league championship.  Kai was dressed in her one piece shark jammies with the requisite shark booties.  A coach from another school who was playing in our jv tournament, seeing everyone dressed as if it were Halloween asked Kai what day is it and she ​quickly responded, "It's Wednesday, Shark Day....we dress up every Wednesday for Shark Day."  He just smiled and moved on.
Another one that I am not sure would be as good, is when we played Mullen, Kai went to go get a ball for our thrown in and the Mullen player, rather unsportingly kicked the ball farther away even though it was already out of bounds.  Kai just looked up at her and said, "Jesus would not approve."

From her mom and dad: She can make us mad or even make us cry sometimes but she give us a lot of laughter, joy and love.....we are very blessed. 

1. Warming up with a few quizlet games to help you solidify your AP Lit vocabulary

Click HERE to play with literary terms that frequently show up on the test

Create a Quizlet account (or sign in if you already have one) and enter all the tone words from your packet that you don't know.  Feel free to work with a partner or two; you can divide and conquer since Quizlet allows you to share flashcards.  Then play and have fun!  The website is www.quizlet.com, and many prefer to have it as app on their phones.

If you'd like a challenge (and you're a fan of crosswords), click HERE.

2. Preparing for the essay questions by clicking HERE.

Group 1: Poetry essays (Question 1)
Group 2: Prose essays (Question 2)
Group 3: Open question (Question 3)
Group 4: The Big Picture (Look at all three questions for any given year)

3. Reminding you of a few important items...

Work on your beside stack (and perhaps your vocabulary, if you struggled at all today).

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