Friday, May 16, 2014

A.P. Lit Is Ending: May 16, 2014

Focus: How does it all end?

1. Celebrating Mackenzie!

From Mrs. Durow: Your subject is perfect...soulful. And I would add graceful and thoughtful. 

From Mr. Meyer: Another child of a high school friend.  I've enjoyed watching you pursue your goals in such a mature manner, quietly setting your own standards regardless of the chaos that might exist around you.  

PS...Thanks again for sharing your Dad with our class.

From Mrs. Ferrill: Mackenzie does indeed possess a poetic soul and serene demeanor.  But beneath her sophisticated exterior is a woman of fire and razor-sharp wit.  Last year in AP Lang she impressed me with her insights and work ethic.  This year in my Shakespeare class she has become a Siren, writing witty scripts for creative interpretations of plays, and transforming a dull classroom into a land of enchantment.  She has indeed found her "Muse of Fire" and is headed toward a bright future!

From Natalie: Mackenzie is one of the sweetest people I've ever known. She is exceptionally kind and wise and she always cares about how those around her are doing. She has a lovely laugh. We have a great time together (especially in Brads' classes!) Two of my favorite memories...

In econ, during a Socratic seminar (more like a lecture) on taxes and social security, Mackenzie started a game of hangman with me on a scrap of paper. Mr. Meyer, in the middle of his lecture, came over and asked "Who's winning?" Mackenzie and I were embarrassed but she calmly told him that I was. Meyer said, "Who started it?" Again, very calmly, Mackenzie said "I did." He accepted that it was happening and continued with his lecture, and Mackenzie and I continued with our game. I think I won with the word Shakespeare. 

In her Henry IV Part One essay, she said that Henry was the Prince of Whales!

Mackenzie has been such a wonderful friend to me and I am grateful. I love her.

From her mom: This is Mackenzie at 3 years old.  We surprised her with this playhouse on her third birthday and the very first thing she asked was can I move a TV and a bed in there?  She truly thought she was going to live in her new house!  The funny thing was even though Mackenzie and her sister stopped playing in the playhouse many years ago, we kept it in the back yard until last year when we gave it to our neighbor’s kids.  To no surprise they loved the house too, not sure if they have moved a bed or a TV in there, but you never know!

Also from her mom: Could I add to Mackenzie's statement, of why I think she rocks?  Things I admire about  Mackenzie...she is very funny and does great impressions!  She has a very kind and thoughtful heart.   Her smile can light up the room, hopefully it not her bedroom because she's kinda messy!  She is wise beyond her years and she amazes us every day with the things she does and we are extremely, extremely proud of her!

From her culminating essay: ...I am still healing.  Slowly my wounds are closing as I begin to forgive. One day I will hear a siren and not break conversation or hear a book drop in the hallway and not start trembling and one day I will see someone running and not search for an exit and that will be the day that I know I have healed.  I will have forgiven all my demons and made peace inside my own soul and I will be reborn.  To forgive is to survive.

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