Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 29, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Applying your big question to Oedipus Rex; gathering background information on Emily Bronte

1. Warm-up: Taking a little time to think through Oedipus Rex and your big question

2. Small groups: Perusing Emily Bronte's diary entries to gather background information (to learn a bit more about the Brontes' unique and dramatic family life, click HERE)

3. If time allows, starting the first few pages of Wuthering Heights

1. Please finish your first and second big question blog posts (or your giant, combined post) by Monday.

2. Follow the Wuthering Heights reading schedule (read through page 56/Chapter VII by Tuesday) and prepare a reading ticket.  You will get a list of reading ticket possibilities tomorrow in class.  Bring WH to class tomorrow.

3. Continue working on the rough draft of your college essay.

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