Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 28, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Synthesizing ideas about Oedipus Rex...why is this an important text?

PLC: Shortened class today

1. Warm-up: Creating a literary 3 x 3 for Oedipus Rex

2. Finishing yesterday's Socratic seminar on Oedipus Rex with a wrap-up that responds to today's focus question

3. Starting on your first and second posts (or a giant, combined post) for the Big Question Blogs

1. Please finish your first and second posts (or your giant, combined post) by Monday.

2. If you have purchased your own copy of WH, please start bringing it to class tomorrow.

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  1. Why does he seek the truth if he thinks he might be the son of Jocaste?
    He’s this great leader with pride and arrogance, he has to do his duty and go out and find the killer.
    He wants to be the savior again just like with Thebes. His hubris makes him want to solve the question.
    As a King he is prideful of saving thebes.
    Wouldn’t he want to find out for sure knowing the truth. He may not be better off knowing but Whitney would sleep better knowing.
    Wouldn't necessarily want to know, Anna’s Dad is adopted and was given the opportunity to find her real parents, but didn’t want to find out and ruin it.
    Oedipus thought he could maybe outrun his fate, maybe he thought he was adopted.
    By giving him away, Jocasta allowed him to come back, fate is playing tricks with them and ironic in a sense.
    Reminds Mrs. LeClaire of a matrix movie, he goes to an oracle and he says, “Don’t worry about the lamp.” He knocks it over, and would he have knocked it over in the first place without knowing.
    Throughout the book he doesn't know who he is so he kind of wants to find out.
    He keeps saying he wants to find out, were there places in the play where he didn’t want to find out?
    Tiresias, when he was trying to tell him he was the murderer, Oedipus wanted to kill him and shy away from the truth.
    Throughout the play he is trying to put blame on others and find the truth, but doesn’t believe it until there’s no shadow of doubt.
    God doesn’t come in to resolve it.
    This play sets up a curse on his entire family.Antigone is about Creon’s family who becomes cursed, Oedipus may be sacrificing himself for the good of the whole, but in the end he can’t save his family. Horrible fate for Antigone and Creon’s family. Everyone suffers a horrible fate because of what Oedipus did unknowingly.
    Catharsis - a strong emotional release. Why do people love this horrible play about the worst possible thing, not done on purpose, but done anyways? Humans need this release, and get it through books or plays. Pleasure from reading about or seeing other people’s pain. A trigger to this emotional release that people need. That is why people are drawn to this play.
    There are lots of ironic and comedic parts throughout the play.