Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 8, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Break into two groups today to prepare for the poetry assignment.

Poetry Project Group--You'll need a computer!
  • Share with the group what you would like to create for your poem and then complete a project proposal (see the link on Mrs. Leclaire's class web page.) Hand in the proposal on Monday.
  • Sub-divide your group so that you are meeting with other students who are creating similar projects.
  • Create a rubric for your smaller group's project. Look on-line for rubrics. Study the half rubric that the A.P. teachers have created, and then create a second half. (Find this on Mrs. Leclaire's A.P. Lit. web page.) All members of the group must agree on the standards that you are setting for each other. Hand in your group's rubric on Monday.
Poetry Paper Group--You'll need a computer!
  • Free-write a paragraph explaining what attracted you to your poem--tell a little story, or describe your initial response to the poem. Why did you choose this poem above all others? This paragraph will become part of your introduction.
  • Read the directions for this essay if you have not done so.  What questions do you have?
  • Read sample essays and discuss them. Mrs. Leclaire posted a sample essay on her A.P. Lit. web page. (Avoid reading an essay about the poem you have chosen. Doing so will interfere with your own discoveries...)
When you finish, please read and annotate the Time magazine article. We will discuss it on Monday and make connections to Invisible Man.

HW: Read and annotate chapters 6-10 for next Thursday. Here is the ticket that's due on Thursday.

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