Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 20, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: Is your poem worthy?

1. Warm-up: Perusing a sample metacognitive: "Darkness"

2. Testing your poem with a little (or a lot of) metacognition

3. Final 10 minutes: Recapping the purpose and structure of the poetry paper/project and answering questions

1. Finish your metacognitive if you did not finish in class; Google share it with kleclaire@lps.k12.co.us (Title it like this: "Michael Carlson's Metacognitive: How Cuteness Makes You Likeable")

2. Prepare for tomorrow's Socratic seminar on Invisible Man, Chapters 11 and 12 (as well as any previous chapters you'd like to discuss as a class).  For your reading ticket, add to your bookmark and annotate your text with questions, connections, and analysis.

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