Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. English?

1. Go into small groups and share your Literary 3 x 3's. Select a good one for each chapter and post them on today's class blog (under 3 x 3's)
2. Ask and discuss your questions.
3. Polarities Assignment is here and here.


  1. Ch. 6
    In the shadows
    Tell the truth
    Leave for good.
    Ch. 7
    The journey begins
    South to north
    Enter the dream
    Ch. 8
    Money chains people
    Rejection, self reliance?
    Emerson, Ralph Waldo?
    Ch. 9
    Hidden personal judgement
    Gone deviously astray.
    Picked poor Robin
    Ch. 10
    Never quite good
    Giant White Sea
    Turn the whites

  2. Chapter 7:
    "Chase whites out.
    Riots will erupt.
    Cut the strings."

    Chapter 9:
    "The truth prevails.
    Keep him running.
    He seeks revenge."

    Chapter 10:
    First day failed.
    Union caused problems.
    Fight until unconscious." Anna, Janie and Kaitlyn

    Chapter 6:
    Obedience destroys pride
    Selfishness ruins dreams
    Forget second chances

    Chapter 7:
    North is better
    Play the game
    Enter the fray

    Chapter 8
    Refusals hide secrets
    Secrets hide truth
    People refuse truth

    Chapter 9:
    Blueprints, recycled dreams
    Temporary becomes permanent
    Trust fights reality

    Chapter 10:
    Purity paints liberty
    Experience trumps education
    Unions lack unity-Mike,Evan,Alex,James