Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 11, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

1. Overview of the Week:
  • M--Poetry drill--How to Read a Poem
  • T--Tuesday writing--a modern poem by William Carlos Williams
  • W--Late-start day, shortened period. Workshop Tuesday's essay.
  • Th--Discuss Chapters 6-10 of Invisible Man.
  • Friday--Discussion--Invisible Man and Time magazine article.

Go into small groups (no larger than 4, please). Using the poetry drill I've handed you, break down the poem, "Tornadoes." At the end of class, you'll be asked to write and share a thesis and topic sentences for an A.P. style question about the poem. This exercise will give you a useful strategy for unlocking the meaning of any poem you encounter on an A.P. exam!

HW--Invisible Man, Chapters 6-10 due Thursday. (Ticket is described on Friday's class blog.)

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  1. Tentative thesis statements for "Tornados"
    Moss employs the use of disjointed syntax, tornado metaphors, and personification to convey the speaker's saddened understanding of the destructiveness of past experience.

    In the poem "Tornados,", the author Thylias Miss uses complex metaphors and sparatic enjambment to portray Moss' fight for individuality. -Whitney, Ian, Katie

    In "Tornados", Moss uses the image of storms to recall a parental fight in order to express an inner desire to become wild and free.-Nick, Paul, Madison

    In "Tornadoes" by Thylias Moss, Moss uses complex metaphor, tornadic imagery, and pronounced diction to convey the repressed mood and to describe the ominous scene, unveiling a rich and historic context- James, Alex, Mike, Ian

    Thylias Moss uses enjambment in "Tornadoes" to convey the whirlwind and chaos of his stream of consciousness pertaining to his memories and feeling of nostalgia. -Nia, Aya, Emily, Charlie