Monday, March 31, 2014

AP Lit Nerds: March 31, 2014

Focus: What larger themes, tone, and shifts become visible at the end of your novel?

Please turn in your poetry response if it's finished and help yourself to a new packet.

1. And now we shall celebrate the elusive Mike C.

2. Warming up: Prompting you to think thematically about you book club novel

Please highlight THREE prompts that speak directly to your novel (and write your book club title at the top of the prompt sheet you turn in).  I will select one for your Tuesday writing tomorrow.

3. Enjoying your final discussions of your books...remember to think about how the final scene partners with the opening scene (What has shifted? What have the characters come to realize?)

4. Developing your big question blog posts

Please remember to bring in specific passages, specific symbols, moments, words, etc; the more specific you get, the better the close readings and the more complex the themes.

1. Finish your big question blog; tomorrow will be your Tuesday writing on your book club book.  

2. If you have your copy of Waiting for Godot, start bringing it to class on Wednesday (we begin waiting on Wednesday).

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