Thursday, March 20, 2014

A.P. Lit Narcs: March 20, 2014

Focus: What are our strengths and weakness as timed writers, and how can we improve?

1. Warming up: Discussing the little, itty bitty hero's quest in Johnny Got His Gun

a. Who is the quester?
b. Where is he going?
c. What is his stated reason?
d. What challenges and trials does he encounter en route?
e. What is real reason for this quest?

Which passages did you select for close readings, and what did you have to say about them?

2. Perusing the official rubric for this prompt and a few student samples

3. Peer editing, musical chairs style (or large group read aloud's--your choice)

1. Poetry response due Monday(ish) after spring break, but feel free to turn it in tomorrow.

2. Assigned book club reading for tomorrow.

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