Friday, March 21, 2014

ADD Lit Nerds: March 21, 2014

Focus: What important patterns, shifts, and themes are evolving as you near the end of your book?

1. Warming up: Taking a moment to "rewire" your brain for happiness (remember that TED talk?)

  • Three gratitudes (thank you notes)
  • Journaling  (positive things that have happened in the past 24 hours for which you are grateful)
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random acts of kindness

2. Celebrating Mike :)

From Mrs. Korn: Students like Mike are what make my job so rewarding and one of the reasons I continue to teach. He is the kind of person that my 5th hour students look forward to seeing in class each day. He is smart, funny, and acts as a big brother to each and every one of his peers. He is the type of person that each of us strives to become - not selfish, sincere, and kind!

From Mrs. Levi: Mike is kind, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.  He is a leader among his peers, and makes others feel respected.  Last, but not least, he never takes himself too seriously (but not in a bad way :))--this is a quality that makes him fun to be around and brings joy to others.

From Mrs. Lee: I have so many things to say about Mike it's hard to sum it up in a sentence or two...


Of  my many favorite qualities about you, chief among them are your giving nature, your work ethic, and your willingness to laugh at yourself.  I'll never forget the generosity you've shown those less fortunate than you through your Toys for Tots contributions nor your Harlem Renaissance exhibit featuring Michael & Alex-taught dance lessons, which will remain a favorite.  What a treasure to know you and have you in class. 

From Mr. Trotter: Mike Carlson a.k.a. "DJ" was my freshmen baseball captain a few years ago.  He was the only baseball player we have had at the freshmen level that was unanimously voted to serve as team captain.  Mike humbly asked if he could vote for himself.  The coaches agreed, and he assumed the role.  Mike taught me how to act in a servile manner. I am grateful for Mike's compassionate example. 

From Mrs. Moritz: From the first day in class, his freshman year, Michael have always been enthusiastic about everything he does. From 9th Honors English, to Link Crew, he carries with him a natural energy that draws others to him. I appreciate his ability to adapt to any situation, regardless of how bleak it may appear, into something positive. I truly hope that one day, my own son, will be just like Michael.

From Mom: Mike is my first born, so we have always told him that we make all of our parenting mistakes with him and are better with his brother and sister. Mike has always been a joy to have around. He never crawled, only rolled, until he stood up and walked at 10 months old; he was the smallest walking human ever. He jumped out of his crib at 17 months old when the pediatrician had assured me that his height made it physically impossible for him to escape. Mike never talked "baby talk," clear words and full sentences came out of his mouth from the beginning. He can do anything he sets his mind to, and we love him up to the moon and back (a million times).

3. Enjoying your book clubs; please remember that the Monday after spring break will the final day of book clubs, and you will be asked to select possible writing prompts that day. You will also be given the opportunity to develop a blog post.

4. Wrapping up

1. Poetry response due Monday(ish)...or sometime next week.
2. Finish your book club book if you have not already done so.
3. Take care of your happiness.

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