Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013: What's Happening in A.P. Literature?

Focus: How can we understand poetry through our own creative processes?

1. Warm-up: Taking a moment to celebrate Alex Baughman

What Alex has to say about Henry IV:
"Henry IV speaks of honor, truth, and nobility, but it also reveals the dark conquest man takes to achieve these qualities. Through Shakespeare’s retelling of historic events in Henry IV, the battle between good and evil arises once again as man strives to be pure."

What Alex has to say about Wuthering Heights:
"The constant revenge and darkness of Wuthering Heights would lead to the conclusion that humankind is naturally evil; however, even in the darkest moments there is a hint of goodness."

What Alex has to say about Oedipus Rex:
"We try to cover up our animalistic qualities through our actions, but in the end we still commit terrible crimes."

What Mrs. Lee has to say about Alex:
Alex is "kind, polite, respectful, [with] a good sense of humor. He doesn't take himself too seriously and accepts criticism graciously."

What Mr. Smith has to say about Alex:
"Alex is, without a doubt, one of the top one or two juniors in our AP Physics class!"

(And, yes, there are only 2 juniors in our class.  That's what makes it funny.)

(But Alex is actually a great kid and does a great job in this tough class!)

What Mrs. Bretz has to say about Alex:
"A modest student who never wants to let people know how smart he really is!"

From Mrs. Bradley:
Thank you for taking Health with me. I enjoy having you in class. To you and everyone in AP Literature, make smart choices. Balance your PMS.... Not that... Your Physical, Mental and Social health. Take care of your mind, body and soul. Find your happy. :)"

What Alex's mom and dad have to say about Alex:
“Alex is an unassuming gem.  On the surface he's your typical teenager plugged into one or multiple devices and wearing summer clothes in winter(!) but underneath he has a maturity and strength of character beyond his years.  No transformation into a horrendous teenager, just the opposite.  Alex's endearing personality and funny sense of humor get better with age."

~ Tom and Debbie Baughman

Also, they included this picture:

2. Enjoying each other's poetry presentations

1. Read through Chapter 22 of Invisible Man by Thursday; prepare for Socratic by annotating and adding to your bookmark.

2. Watch "The Sing-Off."

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